Interview from who Owned Magazine by Rapper NAS "Mass ApPeal"

Litefeet is New York. It was birthed Uptown in the Harlem Shake and the Chicken Noodle Soup and evolved into a dense community of dancers battling, sessioning, and hitting the trains for Showtime. It brought together different boroughs and neighborhoods and it’s reached across oceans as well.

In Japan, there are about 100 dancers getting lite, and Jumi Lite is the man responsible for that. After finding the culture on Youtube, he practiced in his home country for a couple years until finally making the pilgrimage to New York to learn firsthand from some of the most respected dancers in the community like Chrybaby Cozie and Mr. Youtube. We caught up with Jumi over video chat to talk about dance culture in Japan, how it’s illegal to dance in public spaces there, the culture shock of moving to New York, dancing in New York rap videos, and doing gigs in Japan. So lock in and learn below!


日本に於ける “LiteFeet” の第一人者であり、本場NYでも屈指の実力者として知られる気鋭のダンサー “JUMI LITE” 。本場のオリジネイターらが所属する2つのトップクルー(BROTHERHOODとBrweckfastClub)に所属。日本では “XYZBOYZ” そして “LiteFeet Nation JAPAN” で活動し、日本でのLiteFeetを広めるべく活動中。更にはあのHIP HOPカルチャーに於ける最重要組織 “ZULU NATION” の数少ない日本人メンバーでもある。そんな彼にインタビューを実施。LiteFeetとは?どういった経緯で今に至るのか?等々。動画や写真を交えた彼の熱い思いが伝わるロングインタビューをCHECK!


June, 2016  "Hawaii, USA"  Litefeet WorkShops and ShowCases Tour with JUMILITE

Aug.2-11 2016 "NYC, USA"   JUMILITE presents, LiteFeet Education Program with Litefeet Legends in NYC

Nov 17-24 2016 "Manila, Philippines"  JUMILITE Litefeet WorkShops with ZuluNations/Kingz

Dec "Paris, France"   JUMILITE Litefeet WorkShop and Showcases